Forgot To Bring Your Pony Tail?

Isn't it irritating if you forgot to bring your pony tail especially when it's very very hot? It's very itchy & sticky! But don't worry! You can now tie your hair up without using a pony tail. Here's how to do it yourself. I prefer to do the side bun. Here's a closer look of … Continue reading Forgot To Bring Your Pony Tail?


Summertime Sadness

Look at that super long hair! :) Top: Lace Top from my mum's closet | Bottom: Stripes High Waisted Shorts from my friend | Shoes: Flats from my aunt | Eye wear: Sunnies from Forever21 Summer is coming! 3 more days to go and it's officially our vacation! But unfortunately, I have a very short … Continue reading Summertime Sadness

What If…

Some people do not understand the way I dress. They think I just seek for everybody's attention, that I dress to impress and that I do this to gain everyone's photo likes. But what if styling is really what like? And fashion is really what I love? What if this is where I could express … Continue reading What If…

Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Boss

Do not judge a woman by its cover. Every woman has its own attitude towards life. They act the way how life has presented to them. They can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. They laugh, cry and love. So, do not under estimate a woman. Every women have their own story to … Continue reading Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Boss

Bed Weather

It is really a challenge for me to think of what I am going to wear to school during wash days. In our school, we can't wear whatever we want to. There are rules and regulations when it comes to dressing, unlike in UP that you can go in and out of the campus with … Continue reading Bed Weather