If I Were A Boy

We all have items we love that just aren't us. We can't and won't wear everything, but that doesn't mean we cannot admire it! What would you wear if you wear another girl... or guy? --ifb I'm always saying and thinking to myself that if I were a boy I'm probably one of the guys … Continue reading If I Were A Boy


Out and About

(Photo from my instagram: @faebulouslyhot) Yes! Finally, I took myself out today. Oh really, I missed the outside world! Despite of my busy schedule, I believe that I deserve a REAL rest day and a time to unwind & relax. And yes, I'm in Batangas. It feels good to be back home: eating whatever you … Continue reading Out and About

Ever-changing Style

I mentioned in my style files feature in Candymag that I don't have one certain style. My style is based on my mood and the occasion. As much as possible, I try to wear different styles everyday. I'm really playful when it comes to styling. I don't attach myself to one style but I always … Continue reading Ever-changing Style

State Of Art

So you think you roar? Top: Chiffon Top from SG | Bottom: Leopard Leggings | Shoes: Lita Pumps from Parisian One perfect combination I know is matching a printed garment with a plain one. It is a usual get up because it doesn't really look over. I don't really wear much of the animal printed … Continue reading State Of Art