Between Moods

"The sun is out and I'm feeling okay, I hope you had a real good day", singing the song again for I had a real good day! I'm loving the weather these past few days — windy but sunny. I could wear anything I want without layering too much! I wish the weather would stay this way … Continue reading Between Moods

Pretty Death

I've been desiring to have an indie inspired shoot for so long — vintage effect, night life, YOLO-ish poses. But let us all admit that I failed to do it gratifyingly. Lol. It was my first time to shoot for outfit post outside the house during night time so it was an achievement. Achievement by … Continue reading Pretty Death

Better Left Unsaid

Have you encountered a scenario wherein you're fully dressed and suddenly you changed your mind? I was in my leather pants & leopard top earlier when I suddenly changed my plan. I switched to a plain garterized flowy dress and a denim outwear and grabbed my wedges instead. I believe that today was the good … Continue reading Better Left Unsaid


Coat from my grandmother (a hand-me-down) | Top from BRAVESOUL | Outwear from my auntie | Pants from PENSHOPPE | Shoes from SEGUE I promised my grandmother that I will wear her coat today. The coat I'm wearing was a hand-me-down from her. I supposed to go for a girly style today but the coat's belt is … Continue reading Twisted

Bohemian Dream

In the fashion industry, bohemian refers to an individual who lives unconventionally, usually artistic, romantic, and free-spirited. They may be wanderers, vagabonds or adventurers. I believe that we all have bohemianism in us. Maybe not in the way we dress or act, but in the way we try to live by the ideals of freedom, truth, … Continue reading Bohemian Dream