Diet Mountain Dew

Inner Top from CALLIOPE | Outer Top from TSUMORI CHISATO | Jeans from PENSHOPPE | Shoes from LILLEY | Bag and Sunglasses from H&M | Jacket from BERSHKA | Scarf from TERRANOVA Yay! I finally got to see the sun again when I went out and I am very glad, but it's still cold outside. Hug weather I might say. It's weekend again, meaning no school for me! It was a typical … Continue reading Diet Mountain Dew

The Obligatory Selfie

Top from H&M | Bottoms from bazaar | Long sleeves from TERRANOVA | Outwear from ZARA | Stockings from SM ACCESSORIES | High socks from MOSSIMO | Shoes from VANS | Scarf from bazaar Took some obligatory selfies today! That thing becomes mandatory when the DSLR's on low battery. Lol. We failed to take good … Continue reading The Obligatory Selfie

Between Moods

"The sun is out and I'm feeling okay, I hope you had a real good day", singing the song again for I had a real good day! I'm loving the weather these past few days — windy but sunny. I could wear anything I want without layering too much! I wish the weather would stay this way … Continue reading Between Moods

Pretty Death

I've been desiring to have an indie inspired shoot for so long — vintage effect, night life, YOLO-ish poses. But let us all admit that I failed to do it gratifyingly. Lol. It was my first time to shoot for outfit post outside the house during night time so it was an achievement. Achievement by … Continue reading Pretty Death

Better Left Unsaid

Have you encountered a scenario wherein you're fully dressed and suddenly you changed your mind? I was in my leather pants & leopard top earlier when I suddenly changed my plan. I switched to a plain garterized flowy dress and a denim outwear and grabbed my wedges instead. I believe that today was the good … Continue reading Better Left Unsaid